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Father of Various Branches of Biology

Father of Various Branches of Biology

Father of Various Branches of Biology

Science is very important subject in every competitive exams. There are 3 parts of science Which is Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Today i am described the different fields or branches of Biology.

Below is the of different types of branches of Biology and their Father:

 List of Father of Various Branches of Biology

S.N. Name of Branch Name of Father
1 Father of Anatomy Herophilus
2 Father of Modern Anatomy Andreas Vesalius
3 Father of Antiseptic surgery J. Lister
4 Father of Antibiotics Alexander Fleming
5 Father of Ayurveda Charaka
6 Father of ATP cycle Lipmann
7 Father of Bacteriology Robert Koch
8 Father of Biology Aristotle
9 Father of Blood circulation William Harvey
10 Father of Blood groups Land Steiner
11 Father of Botany Theophrastus
12 Father of Modern Botany K. Bauhin
13 Father of Bryology Johann Hedwig
14 Father of Chemotherapy Paul Erlich
15 Father of Comparative anatomy George Leopold Cuvier (1769-1832)
16 Father of Comparative zoology Cuvier
17 Father of Concept of Evolution Empedocles
18 Father of Conditioned reflex I.P Pavlov
19 Father of Cytology Robert Hooke
20 Father of Modern Cytology, Carl P. Swanson
21 Father of DNA Finger printing Alec Jeffry
22 Father of ECG(Electrocardiography) Einthoven
23 Father of Embryology Kaspar Friedrich Wolff
24 Father of modern Embryology Karl Ernst Von Baer
25 Father of Endocrinology Thomas Addison
26 Father of Epidemiology John Snow
27 Father of Ethology Konrad Lorentz
28 Father of Eugenics Francis Galton
29 Father of Experimental Genetics T.H. Morgan
30 Father of Experimental physiology Galen
31 Father of Fermentation Louis Pasteur
32 Father of Genetic engineering Paul Berg
33 Father of Genetics G.J. Mendel
34 Father of Modern Genetics W. Bateson
35 Father of Gerontology (Ageing) Korenchevsk
36 Father of Haploid Genetics Dodge (Neurospora genetics)
37 Father of Histology Francis Bichat
38 Father of Histology (Microscopic anatomy) Malpighi
39 Father of Homoeopathy Samuel Hahnemann
40 Father of Human genetics /Biochemical genetics Arachibald Garrod
41 Father of Immunology Edward Jenner
42 Father of Indian Algology (Phycology) M.O.P. Iyengar
43 Father of Indian Bryology S.R Kashyap
44 Father of Indian Ecology R. Misra
45 Father of Indian embryology P. Maheshwari
46 Father of Indian mycology and plant Pathology E.J. Butler
47 Father of Indian Palaeoboatny Birbal Sahni
48 Father of Indian Palynology P.K.K Nair
49 Father of Indian systematic botany (Taxonomy) H. Santapau
50 Father of Medicine Hippocrates
51 Father of Modern Microbiology Louis Pasteur
52 Father of Microscopy Marcello Malpighi
53 Father of Microscopy and Microbiology Anton van Leeuwenhoek
54 Father of Mosaic theory Wilhelm Roux
55 Father of Mutation theory of evolution Hugo de Vries
56 Father of Mycology P.A Micheli
57 Father of Palaeontology Leonardo da Vinci
58 Father of Modern Palaeontology Cuvier
59 Father of Palynology Erdtman
60 Father of Modern Pathology Rudolph Virchow
61 Father of Plant anatomy N. Grew
62 Father of Plant Ecology Warming
63 Father of Plant pathology De Bary
64 Father of Plant physiology Stephan Hales
65 Father of Polio vaccine Jonas Salk
66 Father of Quantitative or Polygenic Inheritance Kolreuter
67 Father of Regulative theory of embryonic development Hans Driesch
68 Father of Special creation theory Father Sqrez
69 Father of Stress physiology Hans Selye
70 Father of Taxonomy Carolus Linnaeus
71 Father of Modern Taxonomy Carolus Linnaeus
72 Father of Zoology Aristotle

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