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List Of Famous Inventions And Their Inventors


Today i am publishing a very important topic for all compitative exams. Topic name is

“List Of Famous Inventions And Their Inventors”.

There are many things we have seen in our life for eg Television, Telephone, Mobile Phone, Washing Machine etc… But we don’nt know who is the person which is invented these items which are make easy our life. This is very proud of that Inventors which are invented that.

I am listing down all Invention and their inventor with some details means when they invented and in which country they belongs to. This is very important for all compitetive exams such as IBPS, SSC, CPO, Railways, Banking, UPSC, and other state and central level exams.

List of all Famous Inventions and their Inventor

S.N. Invention Inventor Country Year
1 Adding Machine Pascal France 1642
2 Aeroplane Wright brothers USA 1903
3 Balloon Jacques and Joseph  Montgolfier France 1783
4 Ball –Point pen C. Biro Hungary 1938
5 Barometer E. Torricelli Italy 1644
6 Bicycle K. Macmillan Scotland 1839
7 Bicycle Tyre J.B. Dunlop Scotland 1888
8 Calculating Machine Pascal France 1642
9 Centrigrade Scale A.Celsius France 1742
10 Cinematograph Thomas Alva Edison USA 1891
11 Computer Charles Babbage Britain 1834
12 Cine Camera Friese-Greene Britain 1889
13 Cinema A.L. and J.L. Lumiere France 1895
14 Clock (Machanical) Hsing and Ling –Tsan China 1725
15 Clock (Pendulum) C. Hugyens Netherlands 1657
16 Diesel engine Rudolf diesel Germany 1892
17 Dynamite Alfred Nobel Sweden 1867
18 Dynamo Michael Faraday England 1831
19 Electric Iron H.W. Seeley USA 1882
20 Electric lamp Thomas Alva Edison USA 1879
21 Electromagnet W. sturgeon England 1824
22 Evolution (theory) Charles Darwin England 1858
23 Film (with sound) Dr. Lee de forest USA 1923
24 Fountain Pen LE. Waterman USA 1884
25 Gas Lighting William Murdoch Scotland 1794
26 Gramophone T.A . Edison USA 1878
27 Jet Engine Sir Frank whittle England 1937
28 Lift E.G. Otis USA 1852
29 Locomotive Richard Trevithick England 1804
30 Machine Gun Richard Gatling USA 1861
31 Match (Safety) J.E. Lurdstrom Sweden 1855
32 Microphone David Hughes USA 1878
33 Microscope Z. Jansen Netherlands 1590
34 Motor Car (Petrol) Karl –Benz Germany 1885
35 Motorcycle Edward Butler England 1884
36 Neon -Lump G. Claude France 1915
37 Nylon Dr W.H. Carothers USA 1937
38 Photography (Paper) W.H. Fox Tablot England 1835
39 Printing Press J. Gutenberg Germany 1455
40 Rader Dr A.H. Taylor and L.C. young USA 1922
41 Radium Marie and Pierre Curie France 1898
42 Radio G. Marconi England 1901
43 Rayon American viscose Co. USA 1910
44 Razor (Safety) K.G. Gillette USA 1895
45 Razor (electric) Col. J. Schick USA 1931
46 Refrigerator J . Harrison and A. Catlin Britain 1834
47 Revolver Samuel Colt USA 1835
48 Rubber (Vulcanized) Charles Good year USA 1841
49 Rubber (Waterproof) Charles Macintosh Scotland 1819
50 Safety Lamp Sir Humphrey England 1816
51 Safety pin William Hurst USA 1849
52 Sewing Machine B. Thimmonnier France 1830
53 Scooter G. Bradshaw England 1919
54 Ship ( Steam) J.C. Perier France 1775
55 Ship ( turbine) Sir Charles parsons Britain 1894
56 Shorthand (Modem) Sir Issac Pitman Britain 1837
57 Spinning jenny James Hargreaves England 1764
58 Steam engine (Piston) Thomas Newcome Britain 1712
59 Steam engine ( Condenser) James Watt Scotland 1765
60 Steel production Henry Bessemer England 1855
61 Stainless steel Harry Brearley England 1913
62 Tank Sir Ernest Swington England 1914
63 Telegraph code Samuel F.B. Morse USA 1837
64 Telephone Alexander Graham Bell USA 1876
65 Telescope Hans Lippershey Netherlands 1608
66 Television John logie bared Scotland 1926
67 Terylene J. Whinfield and H. Dickson England 1941
68 Thermoscope Galileo Galilei Italy 1593
69 Tractor J. Froelich USA 1892
70 Transistor Bardeen, Shockley USA & UK 1949
71 Typewriter C. Sholes USA 1868
72 Valve of radio Sir J.A. ‘fleming Britain 1904
73 Watch A.L.  Breguet France 1791
74 X-ray Wilhelm Roentgen Germany 1895
75 Zip fastener W.L. Judson USA 1891

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    Thanks for this list Vidya.
    It is exactly what it says – a list of famous inventions and basic information on their creators.
    As such it’s a superb introductory resource for young learners and students.

    Really useful for teachers.
    Thanks again.

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