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List of Countries and their National Games / Sports

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 List of Countries and their National Games /Sports in The World

S.N. Country National Game/Sport Other Popular Games /Sports
1 Afghanistan Buzkashi Football, Cricket
2 Argentina Pato Association Football, Basketbal, Rugby Union
3 Australia Cricket AFL (Australian Football League), Basketball
4 Bahamas Sloop Sailing Cricket, Football, Rugby
5 Bangladesh Kabaddi Cricket, Football, Hockey
6 Bhutan Archery Basketball, Football, Futsal
7 Brazil Football Volleyball, Basketball
8 Canada Lacrosse (summer), Ice Hockey (winter) Football, Basketball, Baseball
9 Chile Chilean Rodeo Football, Tennis
10 China Ping Pong (Table Tennis) Volleyball, Badminton, Shooting, Martial Arts
11 Colombia Tejo Football, Cycling, Roller Skating
12 Cuba Baseball Boxing, Volleyball, Basketball
13 Denmark Football, Handball Cycling, Sailing, Badminton
14 Dominican Republic Baseball Football, Boxing
15 England Cricket Football, Rugby, Basketball
16 Estonia Basketball Bandy, Beach Volleyball
17 Finland Pesäpallo (Finnish Baseball) Ice Hockey, Formula One
18 France Football Association Football, Rugby, Motor Sports, Tennis
19 Georgia Rugby Union Football, Basketball
20 Grenada Cricket Football
21 Guyana Cricket Beach Cricket, Water Polo. Football
22 Hungary Water polo Football
23 Iceland Handball Football, Basketball, Athletics
24 India Field Hockey Cricket, Badminton, Kabaddi
25 Iran Wrestling Football
26 Ireland Gaelic Football Soccer, Hurling, Golf
27 Israel Association Football Basketball, swimming, Canoeing
28 Jamaica Cricket Atheletics, Association Football
29 Japan Sumo Baseball, Association Football
30 Latvia Baseball Association Football, Ice Hockey
31 Lithuania Basketball Football, Atheletics, Cycling
32 Mauritus Football Atheletics, Badminton, Basketball
33 Mexico Charrería Association Football, Boxing
34 Mongolia Archery Wrestling, Football, Basketball
35 Nepal Dandi Biyo Cricket, Football
36 Norway Cross Country Skiing Wrestling, Cycling, Shooting
37 Pakistan Field Hockey Cricket, Kabaddi, Polo, Squash
38 Papua New Guinea Rugby League AFL, Soccer, Volleyball
39 Philippines Arnis Basketball, Badminton, Boxing
40 Puerto Rico Paso Fino Football, Baseball
41 Romania Oină Football, Handball, Volleyball
42 Russia Bandy Basketball, Ice Hockey, Football, Rugby
43 Scotland Golf Tennis, Rugby
44 Slovenia Alpine Skiing, Ski Jumping Atheletics, Basketball, Boxing
45 South Korea Taekwondo Football, Basketball
46 Spain Bull Fighting Football, Basketball, Tennis
47 Sri Lanka Volley Ball Cricket, Badminton, Water Sports
48 Switzerland Shooting, Gymnastics Football, Ice Hockey
49 Turkey Oil Wrestling Soccer, Basketball, Volleyball
50 United States Baseball American Football, Basketball
51 Venezuela Baseball Football
52 Wales Rugby Union Football, Golf, Tennis

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