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List of Famous Foreign Books and Their Authors

List of Famous Foreign Books and Their Authors

List of Famous Foreign Books and Their Authors

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Today we have brought to you very important topic “ List of Famous Foreign Books and Their Authors ” for all competitive exam .Here the list of Foreign writers and their books. Generally 2-3 questions comes in every competitive exams like IBS, IBPS PO, UPSC,MPPSC, CAT, SSC, SSC CGL etc

S.N. Book Author/ Writer
1 Absolute Power David Baldacci
2 Affluent Society, Ambassador’s Journal J. K. Galbraith
3 Against the Stream ,Asian Drama Gunnar Myrdal
4 Airport Arther Hele
5 A Journey Tony Blair
6 A Mid Summer night’s Dream , As You like It William Shakespeare
7 Animal Farm George Orwell
8 A Passage to India , Maurice E.M. Forster
9 Apple Court, Arms and the man George Bernard Shaw
10 A Tale of Two Cities Charles Dickens
11 August 1914 Alexander Solzhenitsyn
12 Caesar and Cleopatra , Candida George Bernard Shaw
13 Cherry Orchard Anton Chekhov
14 Comedy of Errors William Shakespeare
15 Das Capital Carl Marks
16 David Copperfield Charles Dickens
17 Decent of Man Charles Darwin
18 Dilema of Our Time Herold Joseph Laski
19 Divine Comedy Dante
20 Dr. Zhivago Boris Pasternak
21 Farm House George Orwell
22 Gathering Stom, History of the Second World war Winston Churchil
23 Good Times, Bad Times Harold Evans
24 Grammar of Polities Herold Joseph Laski
25 Great Tragedy Z. A. Bhutto
26 Hamlet , King Lear William Shakespeare
27 Hindu Civilization , Peter Pan J. M. Barrie
28 Le Père Goriot Honoré de Balzac
29 Le Rouge et le Noir Stendhal
30 Lolita Vladimir Nabakov
31 Long Walk to Freedom Nelson Mandela
32 Man and Superman , Major Barbara George Bernard Shaw
33 Madame Bovary Gustave Flaubert
34 Mein Kamph Adolf Hitler
35 Merchant of Venice William Shakespeare
36 Moby-Dick Herman Melville
37 Mother Maxim Gorky
38 Mother India Katherine Mayo
39 Mr. Oliver’s Diary Ruskin Bond
40 Odyssey , Illiad Homer
41 Oliver Twist Charles Dickens
42 On Contradiction Mao- tse Tung
43 Origin of Species Charles Darwin
44 Othello William Shakespeare
45 Paradise Lost , Lycidas John Milton
46 Politics Arastu
47 Pride and Prejudice Jane Austen
48 Principia Isaac Newton
49 Pygmalion George Bernard Shaw
50 Republic Plato
51 Shape of thinks to Come H.G. Wells
52 The Brothers Karamazov Dostoevsky
53 The Jungal Book Rudyard Kipling
54 The Mother Maxim Gorky
55 The Prince Machiavelli
56 The Red Sari (Biography of Soniya Gandhi) Javier Moro
57 The Social Contract JeanJacques Rousseau
58 The Triumph J. K. Galbraith
59 The Wealth of Nation Adam Smith
60 The Wonder that was India A. L. Basham
61 The World as I See It Albert Einstein
62 Tom Jones Henry Fielding
63 Tropic of Cancer Henry Miller
64 War and Peace Leo Tolstoy
65 Wealth of Nations Adam Smith
66 Wuthering Heights Emily Brontë

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    Generally regarded as one of the giants of English literature, Charles Dickens enjoyed extensive popularity during his lifetime and his books continue to be widely read. Born in 1812 in England, Dickens did factory work as a child and had little formal education.

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