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List of Important Wars and Battles in Indian History

Wars and Battles in Indian History

List of Important Wars and Battles in Indian History

S.N. Name of the Battle Year Battle between Won by Significance
1 Battle of Hydaspas 326 B.C. Alaxender and Porus Alaxender defeated king Porus Impressed by the bravery of Porus, he allowed to retian the kingship of Porus
2 Kalinga War 261 B.C. Ashoka and Raja Anant Padmanabhan Ashoka It was the bloodiest war of human history and lakhs were killed from either sides. Ashoka filled with remorse and took pledge of non violence and adopted Buddhism
3 First Battle of Tarain 1191 A.D. Prithviraj Chauhan and Muhammad Ghori Prithviraj defeated Ghori This is called the first war of Hindu Rajput king and Muslim invader. This war took place near Tarain, Thanesar distt of Haryana
4 Second Battle of Tarain 1192 A.D. Muhammad Ghori and Prithviraj Chauhan Ghori defeats Prithviraj Chauhan Establishment of an Islamic empire in India
5 Battle of Chhandwar 1194 A.D. Muhammad Ghori and Jaychand Ghori defeats Jaichandra of Kannauj
6 Battle of Gakkhar and Ghori 1206 A.D. Gakkhar and Md Ghori Ghori was killed by Gakkhar tribes in this attack
7 First Battle of Panipat 1526 A.D. Babur and Ibrahim Lodi Babar defeats Ibrahim Lodhi Canons, Gunpowder and artilery was used by Babur which was the first time ever use of these in Indian subcontinent. Ibrahim Lodi was killed in the field and this war paved the foundation of strong Mughal Empire in India
8 Battle of Khanwa 1527 A.D. Babur and Rana Sanga Babar defeats Rana Sanga Babur assumed title of Ghazi after this battle,The alliance of Rana Sanga although outnumbered that of Babur, still Sanga was defeated and the alliance dispersed. Rana Sanga escapes to Chittor
9 Battle of Chanderi 1528 A.D. Babur and Medini Rai Babar defeats Medini Rai
10 Battle of Ghaghara 1529 A.D. Babur and Sultan Mahmud Lodi Babar defeats the Afghans This was the third major battle of Babur after which control of Mughal Empire over India was secured and fully established. Mahmud Lodi who was the brother of Ibrahim Lodi declared himself the sultan of Delhi with the support of Nusrat shah of Bengal, Jalaluddin Lohani, Sher Shah Suri , Rajputs and Afghans. Babur emerged victorious and consolidated his control.
11 Battle of Chausa 1539 A.D. Sher Shah Suri and Humayun Sher Shah Suri defeats Humayun Sher Shah became emperor of India thus breaking the Mughal rule in India
12 Battle of Kannauj (or Bilgram) 1540 A.D. इSher Shah Suri and Humayun Sher Shah Suri defeats Humayun for the second time.
13 Second Battle of Panipat 1556 A.D. Akbar and Hemu Bairam Khan (representing Akbar) defeats Hemu Ended afghan rule,strengthened mughal rule
14 Battle of Talikota (or Banihatti) 1565 A.D. Deccan Sultanates and Vijayanagar Empire Deccan Sultanates defeated the glorious Vijayanagar empire Destroyed Hindu kingdom of the Deccan,sealed the fortunes of Vijayanagar empire
15 Battle of Haldighati 1576 A.D. Maharana Pratap & Mughal Emperor Akbar, who was led by Man Singh Undecisive battle between Raja Man Singh of Mughal Army and Rana Pratap of Mewar Rana Pratap fought gallantly and took refuge in a remote fortress.This battle is the shortest battle of Indian history and lasted only 4 hours.
16 Battle of Samugarh 1659 A.D. Aurangzeb & Imperial forces led by Dara Aurangzeb Aurangzeb captured the Mughal throne
17 Battle of Plassey 1757 A.D. Siraj-ud-daulah with French & British East India Company under Robert Clive British defeated Siraj-ud-duala the Nawab of Bengal with the help of Mir Zafar. Fought at Plassey. The British empire became masters of Bengal, foundation of British rule
18 Third Battle of Panipat 1761 A.D. Ahmed Shah Abdali and Marathas Ahmed Shah Abdali defeats Marathas Gave a setback to marathas in the north; sealed destiny of Mughal empire and made British entry easier
19 Battle of Buxar 1764 A.D. British East India Co Vs alliance of Nawab of Bengal, Awadh and Mughals British defeated the combined forces of Mir Qasim, Shuja-ud-duala (Nawab of Oudh) and Shah Alam II(Mughal emperor). Led to English occupation of India
20 First Anglo Mysore War 1767-69 A.D. Hyder Ali (Mysore) Vs British, Marathas Hyder Ali defeats English forces The battles include Battle of Chengam, Battle of Tiruvannamalai, Siege of Ambur
21 Second Anglo Mysore War 1780-84 A.D. Hyder Ali, Tipu Sultan (Mysore) Vs British Hyder Ali dies. Treaty of Mangalore is signed Various battles in this series of war includes Battle of Pollilur, Battle of Porto Novo, Battle of Sholinghur, Siege of Tellicherry, Vellore, Cuddalore, Mangalore.
22 Third Anglo Mysore War 1789-92 A.D. Mysore kingdom Vs British East India Co. Tipu Sultan defeated. Treaty of Serirangapatnam is signed. The battles of this war include Battle of Nedumkotta, Battle of Calicut, Battle of Sittimungulum, Battle of Arakere, Capture of Hooly Honroe, Capture of Seringapatanam, Capture of Shimoga etc.
23 Fourth Anglo Mysore War 1799 A.D. British Forces Vs Tipu Sultan Tipu Sultan is defeated and killed Mysore kingdom was given back to Wodeyar dynasty under subsidary alliance.
24 First Anglo Maratha War 1766-69 A.D. Maratha Empire and British East India Company British defeated Marathas This war ended with Treaty of Salbai between Maratha and British
25 Second Anglo Maratha War 1803-06 A.D. Maratha Empire and British East India Company Marathas lose to the British Only in Battle of Bharatpur, Marathas were able to defeat and repulse the British Forces four times when they attempted to capture Bharatpur Fort.
26 Third Anglo Maratha War 1817-19 A.D. Maratha Empire and British East India Company Marathas lose to the British again Treaty of Mandasor
27 First Anglo Afghan War 1839-42 A.D. British East India Company and Afghan Afghans Tripartite Treaty between Ranjit Singh, Shah Shuja & Lord Auckland
28 Second Anglo Afghan War 1868-80 A.D. British East India Company and Afghan British defeat Afghan Treaty of Peshawar, Treaty of Gandamak
29 Third Anglo Afghan War 1919-21 A.D. British East India Company and Afghan Afghans Ended in an Artimice. Durand line established.Treaty of Rawalpindi
30 First Anglo Sikh War 1845-46 A.D. Sikh Empire & British East India Company Sike lose to British
31 Second Anglo Sikh War 1848-49 A.D. Sikh Empire & British East India Company British East India Company defeated Sikhs Sikh kingdom came under the British

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